Myrtle Beach August Programming

Blast off with us each week as we explore space, the planets, stars, and more! Join us weekdays* at 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 4 p.m. for interactive activities and programs! On Fridays at 11:00 a.m., we’ll recap the concepts we’ve engaged in all week with a fascinating and fun finale!

Space Travel, August 1st-4th: Join us as we begin our journey to outer space! How do you travel to school? How do astronauts travel to the moon? Let’s explore!

Perfect Planets, August 7th-11th: We live on Earth…but what about the other planets? What do you think a perfect planet would be like?

Reach for the Stars, August 14th-18th: Reach for the Stars! Do you wonder what they are? Join us as we learn about stars and constellations.

Out of this World!, August 21st-25th: What lies beyond where our eyes can see when we look upon the night sky?

To Infinity and Beyond August 28th-September 1st: To infinity and beyond!

*Times vary due to groups/bookings. Check with staff daily to confirm times.

Crafter’s Cove is BACK!

Back by popular demand, EdVenture is teaming up with the Surfside Beach community for another season of Crafter’s Cove! Every Thursday this summer, (with the exception of the week of July 4th), children 10 and under and their parents are invited to meet at the Pier on Surfside Beach to partake in an EdVenture crafting activity. No registration is required and this event is free! View the calendar for a complete list of the summer scheduled activities.