EdVenture’s “Yes, Every Child” and “Yes, Every Student” initiatives will be the focus for its Midlands Gives 2023 campaign

These programs support museum admission for lower income families and for students in underrepresented communities

COLUMBIA, S.C., April 21, 2023 – Every young child deserves an opportunity to explore the world around them in a safe and inclusive environment. EdVenture Children’s Museum will participate in this year’s Midlands Gives Campaign and will use the fundraising to support its two accessibility programs, “Yes, Every Child,” and “Yes, Every Student.”

“Inspiring children with the joy of learning is at the core of everything we do,” says Robin Harriford, Director of Development at EdVenture. “Every child deserves this opportunity regardless of financial hardships or any other boundary that impairs access. These two programs allow us to make that happen for children who are in need in South Carolina.”

Prior to the pandemic, EdVenture’s Yes, Every Child admission was about 13 percent of the museum’s total guest count. Post-pandemic, that number has grown to nearly 30 percent of the museum’s total attendance.

“This big leap in the number of people seeking assistance for access told us we needed to do more,” says Andy Marquart, EdVenture’s CEO. “As a result, we expanded our access program to include Yes, Every Student so that underserved schools could access the museum regardless of financial ability.”

EdVenture expanded access due to need, but also because of the amount of research showing the pandemic’s impact on children’s learning. According to UNICEF, the amount of time children missed in the classroom due to the COVID-19 Pandemic is insurmountable. Returning to school is not enough.

Children need additional exposure outside the classroom where learning can take place. EdVenture is doing its part to help lessen the gap for students by offering standards-based programs and hands-on learning.

“Yes, Every Student” will offer EdVenture admission support to schools that have a high number of students in poverty. Schools can request and apply for funding as it becomes available. Field trips to EdVenture feature programs that were created based on SC State Standards. EdVenture offers flexibility for teachers to pick the program that best suits their children’s learning needs.

“Our hope is that students can begin learning about a topic within the classroom and then travel here to EdVenture to further emphasize that knowledge and hands-on educational experience,” explains Marc Drews, EdVenture’s Director of Experiences and Education. “Supporting teachers is a part of our mission. We want to use the joy that is sparked in children at EdVenture to increase students’ learning effectiveness within the classroom.”

EdVenture will participate in the annual Midlands Gives campaign to support these two programs for access. Every amount donated will go to support the needs of our underserved communities. Donations can be made HOW/WHERE/LINK. Larger in-kind gifts, sponsorship opportunities, and legacy gifts can also be made directly to EdVenture. For assistance or more information, contact Robin Harriford at rharrifod@edventure.org.