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Celebration circle

EdVenture’s new bell-ringing corner was created to honor Prisma Health Children’s Hospital patients and professionals as part of the museum’s mission of inclusion and accessibility for all.

A cancer diagnosis is tough for any family to face, but when the diagnosis is given to a child, it is especially heartbreaking. In honor of National Childhood Cancer and Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month, EdVenture is unveiling a special place inside the museum, called Celebration Circle. Celebration Circle is an area that is dedicated to honoring Prisma Health Children’s Hospital patients who face chronic health conditions and healthcare workers. It celebrates these patients, their families, and the healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to improving the quality of life for these children.  


Celebration Circle’s purpose is two-fold. 

  • The first  is to honor the bravery of these patients. Inside Celebration Circle, EdVenture has created a special bell that patients and their families can ring to celebrate their journey. The bell-ringing ceremony is not just for children who have completed treatment; it is open to all patients who face chronic health conditions, regardless of where they are in the journey or in treatment.

  • Those healthcare workers featured in the Celebration Circle are the second purpose of the area. In an effort to tie in with EdVenture’s mission of workforce exploration, EdVenture highlights careers in pediatric healthcare. 


For more information on Celebration Circle, please contact Robin Harriford.