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Add EdVenture’s signature programming to your curriculum! On the first Friday of each month, we offer informal, experiential, hands-on education specialized for homeschool students. Come enjoy our programs in one of Columbia’s biggest and brightest classrooms. Perfect for ages 4-12, this programming gives your student a chance to experience EdVenture in a whole new way!


Enjoy EdVenture-led special activities on the first Friday of each month from 2:30-3:30pm. Homeschool groups receive a discounted rate; $8 per child with a free admission for one parent/guardian; $5 for each additional parent/guardian.

For questions or to reserve your space, please contact:

Kendal Turner

Homeschool Fridays Programming and Schedule 2018-2019

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September 14, 2018

Theme: Dynamic Dinosaurs 

Students will travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Each activity will enhance the student’s knowledge of these fantastic creatures, from what they ate to how we study them today. A Prehistoric journey through the footprints of giants!


Age 4-5: "Layers of the Earth" 

Cooking lab students will be making a "Layers of the Earth" snack while discussing the 4 distinct layers of our planet, how they came to be, and the animals that roam(ed) Earth!


Age 6-7: "Fossil Creation Station" 

Make your own "fossil" creation. Let's become paleontologists and explore a variety of genuine fossil samples, some that are hundreds of millions of years old! By analyzing fossils, paleontologists can tell when the animals lived, what they ate, how they hunted, how they lived, and how they died.


Age 8-10: "Dino Fossils & Volcanos" 

Learn about and make your own fossils prints and witness a catastrophic natural disaster when Mt. EdVenture blows its top!


Age 11-12: "Veggiesaurus Rex" 

Students will read and research about dinosaurs to answer some intriguing questions. What kept these wonderful beasts healthy? What could have kept them alive, possibly avoiding extinction?


October 5, 2018

Theme: Happy Halloween

Prepare to get spooky as we explore the history, science, and smells of Halloween! Our educators will present this haunted holiday through displays of color, sight, and taste as your little ghouls and goblins sink their teeth into learning!

Age 4-5: "Healthy Harvest" 

Halloween is celebrated during Harvest Time! We will read about the different fruits and vegetables that are harvested. Then, after we dig for answers, we’ll enjoy the bounty and taste some of these delicious treats!


Age 6-7: "Mummy Pizza Bites" 

Cooking lab students will be making "Mummy Pizza Bites". Participants will make their own spooky snack with pepperoni, fresh veggies, and herbs.


Age 8-10: "It's All An Illusion" 

Build a spooky cardboard T-Rex that seems to be turning its head! Learn cool optical illusion techniques used in famous movies, haunted houses, amusement parks, and even in advertising.


Age 11-12: "Spooky Slime"

Make a ghoulish slime creature then explore the foggy properties of Liquid Nitrogen!


November 2, 2018

Theme: Fantastic Fairytales

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of EdVenture… Walk down the yellow brick road of imagination as we journey into the land of fairytales. We’ll explore the stories, as well as the science, behind our favorite childhood tales!


Age 4-5: "Eddie's Faeries"

Did you know EdVenture has its very own fairies! Come explore our fairy garden and learn about the importance of protecting ecosystems.


Age 6-7: "Fairytale Foods" 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears ate well and went for walks every day. Let's explore different foods and exercises, that when put into our daily routine, help keep us healthy too!


Age 8-10: "Stone Soup" 

Cooking lab students will be making "Stone Soup". Participants will learn the importance of community and sharing abundance while making a delicious hearty soup.


Age 11-12: "Blast Off" 

We will use Scratch software to animate a fantastic Space Odyssey. Learn to code interesting characters, change backgrounds, create a dialogue, and add special effects.


December 7, 2018

Theme: Winter Wonderland 

It’s cold outside but it’s toasty inside EdVenture! We will build our own winter wonderland by creating snow, uncovering the science of ice, and learning the importance of this most magical time of the year.

Age 4-5: "Toasty Paws" 

We will explore the Arctic learning about glaciers and polar bears. We will make fluffy snow, explore mini glaciers, and create our own polar bear like "blubber" gloves.


Age 6-7: "Pinecone Science" 

Discover how a staple of our winter environment works while exploring various science project setups, including controls and variables.


Age 8-10: "Winter Wellness" 

Discover different ways to stay healthy this winter as we "walk in a winter wonderland". We will discuss vitamins that keep us strong in the colder months as well as activities that can be done indoors!


Age 11-12: "Winterberry Tart"

Cooking lab students will be making a "Winterberry Tart". Participants will bake puff pastries with a warm berry compote.


January 4, 2019

Theme: Firework Fantasy

Kaboom! Happy New Year! Let’s start 2019 off with a bang by exploring the wonderful world of fireworks! They are colorful and magical but how do they work? Our educators will create a dynamic environment that is sure to be a blast!


Age: 4-5: "Fruit Fireworks" 

Cooking lab students will be making "Fruit Fireworks" with homemade strawberry dip. Participants will prepare their own fresh fruit and dip and enjoy a New Year's themed book selection.


Age 6-7: "Sparkling Surprise" 

We will make our own fancy sparklers that are safe and fun to use again and again!


Age 8-10: "DIY Fireworks" 

Students will design and ignite their very own chemical reactions in a controlled environment, putting to work several household items.


Age 11-12: "Kaboom!" 

We will research how fireworks are made and discuss how we can stay safe around them.


February 1, 2019

Theme: Robotic Renaissance

We will build them faster & stronger! Robots are all around us but what do we really know about these awesome automatons? Come discover what grinds the gears as we reveal the riveting world of robots!


Age 4-5: "A Well Oiled Machine"

Robots are well oiled machines! We will compare ourselves to machines and discuss the different ways that we take care of our bodies like a mechanic takes care of our robot friends!


Age 6-7: "Tasty Gadgets" 

Cooking students will discuss the technological uses of kitchen gadgets. They will use these kitchen gadgets to make a tasty surprise snack.


Age 8-10: "Meet Your Maker" 

Build and program a robot using Lego EV3 Mindstorm robotics kit and software. Learn to build using visual diagrams, practice precision, patience, and teamwork. Understand basic programming structures and watch the robot execute your commands!


Age 11-12: "Robot Bugs"

Learn about our creepy crawly friends while building a robot. We’ll hone our engineering skills while discovering why we need bugs in the first place.


March 1, 2019

Theme: Color Explosion 

We live in a colorful world but there is more to color than what meets the eye? Dip into this brilliant palette as we paint with expanded knowledge behind what makes our world a most vibrant rainbow!


Age 4-5: "Rainbow in a Jar" 

Using salt, one of nature’s wonder minerals, and chalk, students will make their very own rainbow in a jar, perfect for your budding interior designers!


Age 6-7: "Color Color Everywhere" 

Colors are everywhere! From people and fruits to flowers and animals. Let's explore all the colors in the universe in this bright adventure!


Age 8-10: "Vietnamese Spring Rolls" 

Cooking lab students will make their own colorful "Vietnamese Spring Rolls" with fresh fruits and vegetables. Students will discuss the health benefits of eating a diet containing an array of colors.


Age 11-12: "Light it Up" 

Paint with light! We will use iPads and a variety of light sources to create colorful art from thin air... literally.


April 5, 2019

Theme: Superheroes Savy

Up, up, and away! EdVenture saves the day with its own brand of superhero savvy! We will use our STEAM Superpowers to keep the world safe for the next generation of resourceful rescuers!

4-5: "Be Your Own Hero" 

Let's make our own superhero costume and go save the world! We will use everyday items to create a cape, shield, cuffs, and a sword.


Age 6-7: "Nature's Superpowers" 

Sure, Superman or Wonder Woman can pack a punch, but nothing overpowers Mother Nature and her cocktail of fury. Learn the cause of each natural disaster and build your very own Tornado!


Age 8-10: "Hero Training" 

Superheroes always eat well and stay healthy and strong! We will discuss some superfoods and exercises to help us mimic our hero friends!


Age 11-12: "Super Tasty Superfoods" 

Cooking lab students will explore a wide variety of superfoods! Students will make their own savory and sweet parmesan kale chip snack and a superfood smoothie


May 3, 2019

Theme: Our Excellent Earth

The Earth takes care of us by providing shelter, air, and nutrients. Now it’s our turn to take care of the Earth. Come explore the most majestic planet in the solar system and let's be the Eco-Heros our planet deserves!

Age 4-5: "Edible Earth" 

Cooking lab students will talk about where our food comes from and make their own fruit parfaits with fresh fruits.


Age 6-7: "A Drop to Drink" 

Participate in a hands-on water experiment. Understand how precious water is for life on Earth and the simple things we can do every day to help protect it.


Age 8-10: "Growing Garbage"

Meet EdVenture’s favorite garbage expert and discover the importance of and process behind recycling.


Age 11-12: "Preserving our Planet" 

Our Earth is very important. It takes care of us in a variety of ways. In this class we will study how we can improve our beautiful home ensuring it stays pristine for generations to come.


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