Visit EdVenture’s outdoor exhibit,The Fairy Garden, and explore the world of these fascinating creatures! This 2,500 square foot exhibit is filled with dozens of species of trees and plants native to South Carolina. Be sure to check for the Fairy Houses!

What are we learning?

  • Observation Skills
  • Color and shape recognition




  • Observation skills
  • Patterns
  • One to one correspondence


  • Observation skills
  • Animals and their environments
  • Physical characteristics of butterflies
  • Walk around the exhibit and point out different butterflies.
  • State a color or shape and ask your child to point to something that is that color or shape
  • Ask your child to describe their favorite butterfly from the exhibit



  • Sit with your child and play “I spy” with different species of butterflies.
  • Engage in conversation about the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Count the chrysalis in the viewing area, using one to one correspondence
  • Discuss with your child the different patterns they observe on each butterfly. Ask, why are these patterns important?
  • Discuss how the butterflies meet their needs within the exhibit
  • Ask your child why they think the butterfly exhibit is only open from May to October
  • Fold a piece of paper in half. Open the paper and pour a quarter-sized amount of paint on the middle of the crease. Fold the paper again, and press the paint out in all directions. Open the paper to let the paint dry, then draw antennae to create a butterfly
  • Encourage your child to look for butterflies outside of your home or while driving in the car.
  • Using a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle. Starting at the line, draw half of a butterfly on one half of the paper, and encourage your child to draw the other half, creating a symmetrical illustration of a butterfly
  • Sketch the life cycle of a butterfly.



















  • Make a butterfly feeder at home! Cut a small M & M size hole in the bottom of a small paper cup. Using a cotton ball soaked in sugary water, gently pull it halfway through the cup. Hang the cup outside, and observe the butterflies drink the nectar-like liquid!
  • Using materials around the house, design a model of a butterfly habitat.
  • Explore My World: Butterflies
    by Marfe Ferguson Delano
  • Butterfly Butterfly: A Book of Colors
    By Petr Horacek
  • My, Oh My--A Butterfly!: All About Butterflies
    By Tish Rabe
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle
  • Are You a Butterfly?
    By Judy Allen
  • From Caterpillar to Butterfly
    By Deborah Heiligman
  • The Butterfly Alphabet Book
    By Jerry Pallotta
  • Where Butterflies Grow
    By Joanne Ryder




















  • National Geographic Readers: Great Migrations Butterflies
    By Laura Marsh
  • Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly
    By Alan Madison
  • Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies: Take-Along Guide
    By Mel Boring
  • A Butterfly is Patient
    By Dianna Hutts Aston


Hours Monday - Sunday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Members Free
Children and Adults $11.95
Seniors (age 62+) $10.95
Military (with ID) $10.95
Educator (with ID) $10.95
Groups (15+ w/RSVP) $8.50
Children under two Free