He is 40 feet tall & weighs 35,000 pounds.

He has a very big heart weighing over 500 pounds. Three adults can fit inside!

His shoes are each about the size of a compact car measuring 12.5 feet.

He has shoulders that are 22 feet wide.

If EDDIE could stand up he would be over 100 feet tall.

He has a smile over 3.5 feet. That requires a lot of toothpaste!

He is TWICE the size of the Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials in Washington, D.C.

His watch was designed from a clock that came from a school in S.C.

The dragonfly (perched on his finger) is named “Flutter”. Flutter is a young dragonfly who lived at the Congaree River next to the museum. This curious creature accidentally flew into EdVenture during construction.

EDDIE is so big that he has his own sprinkler system!

If you listen carefully you can hear his stomach actually growl, his heart beat and air pass through his lungs.

His favorite subject in school is Science.

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