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Monday - Sunday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

We are closed on the following days: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas


Members   -   Free

Children and Adults   -   $11.95

Seniors (age 62+)   -   $10.95

Military (with ID)   -   $10.95

Educator (with ID)   -   $10.95

Groups (15+ w/RSVP)   -   $8.50

Children under two    -   Free


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Take a break from the ordinary and explore the Ed-traordinary! From igniting your culinary curiosities in EdVenture’s Cooking Lab to making a scientific discovery as a Bio-Investigator, to watching your favorite fairy tale characters come to life to teach you the math and science behind the story, there's endless fun for everyone at Camp EdVenture! Children ages 4-10 will experience fun-filled days bursting with educational activities and play! 

Camp EdVenture is open to the public and offers a variety of camps for campers ages 4–10. Fun, hands-on activities keep children busy, happy and learning all day long. Spaces are limited. EdVenture members receive a 15% discount for camps (applied at registration). All campers must be potty-trained (no pull-ups please).


Winter Break Camp 2019:

EdVenture Children's Museum's winter camp is back with 2 exciting weeks of camp for your camper! Winter camp is offered to children ages 4-10, and offers multiple camp sessions so that your camper can participate in activities they enjoy most! 


Member: $148.50 per week 

Non Member: $175 per week 


To Register, Click on your desired week of camp below! 


Weekly Camp Descriptions

Week 1

December 20th: Crazy Science Day

4-5 Year Olds: Walking colors, explosions galore, and bubbles of fun give these kids a chance to explore the crazy world of science. Join us for a fantastical adventure through the wacky world of Science.

6-7 Year Olds: Erupting volcanoes, pop rockets, ghostly bubbles, cryogenic marshmallows, fluffy slime, hair raising static electricity and a bionic hand? Who let the mad scientists out? We did! Join us for a super charged experiments galore day at EdVenture.

8-10 Years Old: Cooking Camp: The Science of Cheese Pizza
What makes a pizza so tasty? Is it the crunchy crust? Your favorite toppings? The homemade sauce? A pizza just wouldn't be a pizza without ooey, gooey, melted cheese. The Cooking Lab is exploring food science by making their own cheese! Join us for an afternoon of tasty science experiments and make your own cheese to top your own artisan pizza.

December 23rd: Mystery Day

4-5 Years Old: How the “Grinch” Stole Camp EdVenture?!
Through this classic Dr. Seuss story students will explore the world of the Who’s. Dive into this story telling day filled with STEAM activities all designed to engage you little who in fun learning to get to the Grinch’s heart.

6-7 Years Old: Cooking Camp: Holiday Mystery Foods
The foods that people eat around the world may seem like a mystery to us, but to them it’s just as normal as turkey on Thanksgiving! Every country around the world has their own culinary traditions. Did you know about the various tamales of Guatemala that must be eaten separately during the holidays? This class will explore the delicious foods eaten around the world throughout the holidays leaving no mystery to why people love to eat the things they do.

8-10 Years Old: Secret Agent Boot Camp
So you think you have what it takes to become a secret agent? Come and find out. You will need to survive intense physical, mental and brain strategy challenges. You may not succeed as a super spy but we guarantee you will have lots of fun trying!

December 26th: Robot Day

4-5 Years Old: Cooking Camp: The Holiday Chef
Sorry, no robots allowed. Join us in the Cooking Lab for some of our holiday favorites! Campers will enjoy sweet flavors of the winter season like Fruit Cookie Decorating and Melted Snowman Dip

6-7 Years Old: Evo Ozobots
Young engineers will learn how to program the tiny but mighty versatile Evo Ozobots to complete a variety of challenges, race one another, and even put on a little party.

8-10 Years Old: Robots Sumo Wrestling
Be part of a team that will build, program and command a Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot to participate in a friendly Sumo Wrestling competition.

December 27th: Toy Design Day

4-5 Years Old: Terrific Toyshop
Students will create their own stuffed animals and learn basic sewing skills in this toy making workshop. From teddy bears to dolls, they will leave with a new friend they made themselves!

6-7 Years Old: Cooking Lab: Creative Cooks
What is better than a design you can eat? Nothing! Cooking Lab campers will get to bake, decorate and create! We will decorate our own gingerbread houses and cupcakes to enjoy and take home!

8-10 Years Old: Make your own video game with Microsoft Kodu GameLab
You will learn how to program the characters behavior, physical traits and powers, customize the terrain and environment, define game winning / losing rules and even develop multiple levels each with its one mini game.

Week 2

December 30th: New Year’s Around the World Day

4-5 Years Old: Cooking Camp: Culinary Countdown
Your camper will experience the excitement of New Year’s celebrations from around the world as we journey through and taste festive culinary treats!

6-7 Years Old: Make It Around the World
From South America to the Far East, explore the similarities and differences in how the many cultures ring in the New Year. Then, create pieces of art inspired by their celebrations.

8-10 Years Old: SUPERstitious Start
Explore different ways the New Year is prepared for around the world. From silly superstitions to over the top celebrations, we will learn how the world starts the year off right.

January 2nd: STEAM Into The New Year Day

4-5 Years Old: The Countdown commences in this STEAM filled day. Create exciting works of art and feats of engineering to help our kids celebrate the New Year.

6-7 Years Old: Holiday Village
Use all of your Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math skills to create your own model cardboard building with lighting, movement and snow.

8-10 Years Old: Cooking Camp: Genius Chef
Fry, bake, roast, and STEAM!! Campers will explore the science of cooking, from temperature controls, to palate building. Your camper will be a genius chef in the making!

January 3rd: Sweet Science Day

4-5 Years Old: Sweet Storybook Science
Students will explore the magic of science though their favorite stories involving candy! We’ll read fantastic adventures before embarking on our own. Join us for some sweet science!

6-7 Years Old: Candy Land Adventures
It’s that time of year! There are candies everywhere, but we don’t always just need to eat them! Let’s explore the Science of Candy and create some pretty sweet experiments about some of our favorite candies.

8-10 Years Old: Cooking Camp: Sweet Tooth Bakers
Bring your sweet tooth, its cake baking time! Join us in the cooking lab for a delectable day of chocolatey morsels and icing galore! Campers will take a tasty trip through the wonderful world of sweets!

January 6th: Winter Wonderland Day

4-5 Years Old: Penguins and Polar Bears
Explore the frozen world with our friends the Polar Bears and the Penguins. Children will learn how these animals survive the cold and other fun winter experiments to adventure to the poles

6-7 Years Old: Cooking Camp: Warm Winter Treats
Oven bells ring, are you listening? In the lab, pots are whistling. A beautiful day, we’re cooking away, Baking in a winter wonderland!

8-10 Years Old: Icey Science
Burr it’s cold! How does Ice form? What is snow? In this camp we will explore the science behind our favorite frozen precipitation. Students will get to create their own crystals, learn about the effects of snow and ice on the world around them and see what the inside of a snowflake looks like.

General Information:

Pricing/Drop Off/Pick Up/ Extended Day

EdVenture Camp Pricing:

Member: $148.50

Non Member :$175

Complimentary drop off is 7:30am daily. Campers accompanied by a parent/guardian should be dropped off using the front entrance of the museum. Pick-up is at 3pm (with proper ID). Extended day services are available from 3-6pm for an additional $10 per camper per day. Extended day pick up is at 6pm (with proper ID).


Please provide a nut-free and non-perishable lunch and morning snack. We will provide an afternoon snack.

Vaccination Policy

EdVenture will adhere to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics in protecting all children who attend camp at EdVenture from vaccine preventable diseases.

Following these recommendations, EdVenture will require written documentation of vaccination for camp registrants in compliance with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics or appropriate medical waivers for those children for whom vaccination is medically contraindicated.


All registered campers will receive a Camp EdVenture t-shirt. Campers are required to wear their camp t-shirt daily. Additional shirts are available for purchase.


We encourage campers to leave valuables (including all electronic devices) at home. Camp EdVenture will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. If a camper does misplace any items during Camp, items will be placed in the lost and found at the Welcome Desk. We encourage parents/guardians to write the camper’s initials on jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.

Camp Confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of your online registration. Your confirmation email will include your confirmation number and information about Camp EdVenture.


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